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Becoming a British citizen and accidentally looking like a complete fascist.

Short Stories

Did you know I wrote three FREE Chaos Walking short stories? One for each book, called “The New World”, “The Wide, Wide Sea” and “Snowscape”. You can download them absolutely FREE from (or in Australia You can also get them in the new jacketed editions on my Books pages.

I also contributed a brand new Dr Who short story to the 50th Anniversary Collection. Mine‘s about the Fifth Doctor, and you can buy it here.

I also wrote a short story for breast cancer charities in the book Booby Trap, and you can buy that here.

I also wrote the short story “Different for Boys” for Losing It, a YA anthology about losing your virginity (yep, that's what I said). Lots of cool writers in it, too, like Melvin Burgess, Keith Gray and Anne Fine.

And I've recently contributed a non-YA short story called “Let Me Entertain You” to the BookSlam Annual Volume 1, available for download as well. It's rude and funny and sad, this one, I hope.

Writing Tips

I get asked for Writing Tips a lot, and I wrote an exhaustively lengthy set of them when I was Writer-In-Residence at Booktrust. They're here, and cover everything from starting out to getting ready to publish. Hope they're of some use.


'Martina Navratilova'
My Hero column on Martina, Guardian, 1 July 2011

'Top 10 "Unsuitable" Books for Teenagers'
Article for the Guardian, 8 April 2011, proved surprisingly popular, this one.

'There's more than one measure of success as a writer'

Guardian blog on what the internet's done for writing, 11 March 2009

'On being branded a public health hazard by the Daily Mail'

Guardian blog on just that, 30 December 2008

'We two boys, together clinging'

Commentary on pieces for civil partnership ceremonies, Guardian, 24 June 2006

'Do judge a book by its cover'

Commentary on book design, Guardian, 2 December 2006


I've recorded a couple podcasts over the last year. One talking about A Monster Calls and another with Ali Smith talking about 2011 in fiction. Listen and hear me um and ah.

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