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Foyles on Wednesday


Hey, guys sorry for a delayed update, but I'm working, I'm working!  There's a TON of fantastic stuff in the planning stages, and I'm also writing like crazy, so just bear with me.  And I'll try to keep these entries from being so all-fired boring and business-like all the time!

First, though, don't forget Wednesday is my event with illustrator extraordinaire Jim Kay about A Monster Calls at Foyles Charing Cross in London (so for all of those who've been annoyed that I hardly ever seem to do London events despite living here, I've finally got one!).  Tickets are free, reserve them here.  Seems to be a nice crowd already.  And in the meantime, they've got an exhibition of Jim's drawings on as well. 

More soon, I promise, and greeting to all the new commenters (and all the very nice Mock Newbery thoughts).  I'm currently watching Nadal/Djokovic, so I'm rushing to get back to that...

Extra week to vote for Red House


The Red House Book Award has extended its voting for a week, so if you're so inclined to vote for A Monster Calls (or any of the other fine books), you've got six more days!

Don't forget I'm going to be appearing at Foyle's Charing Cross on 1 February with Jim Kay (tickets are free; reserve yours here), but in the meantime, they've got an exhibition of Jim's amazing illustrations running in their gallery now.

I reviewed a very good YA novel called In Darkness in yesterday's Guardian, and there's a cool analysis of A Monster Calls on the Red Tentacle Award website.

Greetings to the new commenters.  More soon.



A Monster Calls has been shortlisted for an extremely cool award called the Red Tentacle, for "intelligent, progressive and entertaining" genre fiction.  Previous winners have been China Mieville and Lauren Beukes, so the company is excellent.  Even better, Jim Kay's been nominated for an Inky Tentacle for his cover art.  Very, very pleased indeed.

In the meantime, I also want to say that everyone should see Matilda as soon as possible.  That is all.

Red House Book voting still open!


There's one more week to go for the voting in the Red House Book Awards.  If you're in the UK or ROI and 16 or under, you can vote for the books you'd like to win.  A Monster Calls is in the running, but I'm not saying how you have to vote or anything...

In the meantime, be sure to check out the changes to this site, including the FAQ and all the new Writing links, plus you can follow me on Twitter or my fan page on Facebook just by clicking the buttons to the left there.

Greetings to the new commenters, including a really nice article in an American newspaper and a just-starting Chaos Wiki

Oxford Literature Fest - 24 March


I just confirmed that I'm on a panel at this year's Oxford Literature Festival on 24 March, with the very cool writers Tim Bowler, Sally Nicholls and Moira Young.  If you're in the area, check us out.

Take a look at the entry below for all the new changes to this site, including the FAQ and all the new Writing links.  In the meantime, greetings to the new commenters, and what a cool batch! 

Just to answer a few questions:  There will be a Spanish-language version of A Monster Calls, and when it's ready, I'll post it here.  Also, if you ever want to write me a letter, just send it to the publisher of my books in whatever country you live in.  I see them all!

Website overhaul!


Oh, yes, I've had one!  I've now added a rather quaint Frequently Asked Questions section (FAQ, remember those?).  Because by Frequently, I do mean Frequently.  And it's irreverent, people, oh, it's wacky, oh, yes, stand back!

Rather more importantly, I've tripled the content on the new Writing tab, and there's now links to short stories (including the free Chaos Walking prequel story), plus writing tips, more journalism, and podcasts, too.  Check it out!

You can also now follow my Facebook author page and my Twitter account (@Patrick_Ness) just by clicking on those buttons to the left!  How simple could I make it?  I ask you.

Hope you like the updates, greetings to the new comments (and yes, I do read them all), and more soon.

Happy New Year, everyone! 

First order of business is that you can now book tickets (free, but need to be reserved) for my A Monster Calls event at Foyles Charing Cross on 1 February.  It's to launch the A Monster Calls paperback, which looks beautiful.  You can reserve your free tickets here.

Even better (and this really is AWESOME), Foyle's is going to have an exhibition of Jim Kay's artwork from the book plus more from 21 January - 3 February, and I'm hoping he'll be appearing with me at the event, too!  Check it out.

Greetings to all the New Year commenters, including a namesake of mine (but no relation).  More soon.