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Patrick: August 2011 Archives

German publication of A Monster Calls


The German version of A Monster Calls, called "Sieben Minuten nach Mitternacht" (Seven Minutes Past Midnight) is out today!  There's an adult version and one for young adults.  Check 'em out!

There's also a new German-language interview with me on, and don't forget I'll be touring Switzerland, Austria and Germany in a few weeks.  Details of that here.

So greetings to the new commenters and a very special greeting to all the German language readers.  See you soon.

I've finally got all the details for my tour of Germany, Switzerland and Austria starting 12 September.  I'll be in Vienna, Zurich, Berlin and Hamburg that week.  If you'd like to come and see me (which I hope you do), all details are on my events page.  Or you can just go here and put my name in "Stichwort" and up everything will come.  The events will be in English and German, with translators as needed, so everyone welcome!

Also saw this nifty trailer for Knife up on YouTube.  Not sure where it came from (other than UNC Chapel Hill), but it's rather good, I must say.

A Monster Calls things


The US publication of A Monster Calls is next month (27 Sept) and there's a really cool issue of Maximum Shelf dedicated to it.  Interviews with me, Jim and my editor, a review and other cool stuff.  Check it out.

The UK version of A Monster Calls has also just been shortlisted for some really cool design awards.  Nothing to do with me, all to do with the book's art director, Ben Norland, who deserves (if I may say so) every award he gets.  Nominated not just in the Best Children's Category for design, but Best Designed British Book, too.  Fingers crossed for Ben!

And the German publication of A Monster Calls ("Sieben Minuten nach Mitternacht") is next week!  And it's already got 39 reviews on!  I'll be touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland the week of 12 September, so can't wait to meet some German fans.

Edinburgh, radio, review


Quick hit today as I'm about to leave for the Edinburgh Festival (you can still come see me today and tomorrow, details here).

I was on Radio 4 Extra's 4 O'Clock Show yesterday, talking about my "Inheritance Books".  Listen to iPlayer here for another six days. 

And I review Paulo Bacigalupi's Ship Breaker (and have some thoughts on dystopias) in today's Guardian.

Hello to the new (and returning!) commenters, and now to catch mass transport to Scotland...

A Monster Calls discussion guide


Back from holiday, and can swoop in real quick to say that Candlewick, my US publishers, have made a really nice discussion guide for A Monster Calls (it's out there next month).  Check it out.

Also I'm up at the Edinburgh Book Festival this Saturday and Sunday doing three events.  All details here, hope to see you there.

Greetings to the new commenters, and remember you can follow me on Twitter, if you like, on @Patrick_Ness.  More soon.



Quick hit as I've been on holiday (and still sort of am).  There was a really nice story on the BBC about A Monster Calls, check it out here.

And don't forget I'm at the Edinburgh Book Festival next weekend (20/21 August).  All details here (and yep, book signings after).

Greetings to the HUGE amount of new commenters.  I do read them all, so great to hear from you and from all different kinds of people, too.  More soon...