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iPod of Super


I've been confirming some cool things today about the launch of A Monster Calls (out in six weeks), and I'll be writing them here when I'm allowed to!  In the meantime, how an ep from my iPod?  Let's call this one the iPod of Super.

Supermassive Black Hole, Muse - Well, of course. Muse do Prince, with fascinating results

Supernature (William Orbit Remix), Erasure - The first 2 minutes are amazing.  All those electronics, all that drama!

That's Really Super, Supergirl, XTC - About what a bummer it is to break up with a superhero.

Super Trouper, ABBA - Because sometimes you just need some ABBA. Su-pa-pa Trou-pa-pa.

Supernatural, Army of Lovers - Completely bats, both the song and the group.  Surprisingly spellbinding.  You can see Glee doing it.

Supernaturally, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - We end with one of my favourite songs by one of my favourite groups.  "With a teddy bear clamped between her knees..."

Greetings to the new commenters.  More news soon...


The stonkingly brilliant illustrator for A Monster Calls is called Jim Kay, and he's put up a page about the artwork in the book, including a bit of a preview.  Check it out.

The results of that Guardian Poll are in, and I'm doing BOTH the Top 10 and the podcast.  Good stuff.  Check here for more details.

Also, I've finally updated my own site.  Yes, I know!  The Books page has been updated with A Monster Calls, and I've added my latest Guardian reviews to the Journo, all courtesy of web ace Ralph Cowling.

Greetings to all the new commenters, including what I think is the first poem and rather good it is, too.  Monsters of Men is 133,000 words long, and A Monster Calls is out in Ireland in May as well.  And finally, don't forget I'm on Twitter as @Patrick_Ness.

A Monster Calls - early notices


A quick one today to say some early reviews are out on A Monster Calls.  If you'll (please, please) forgive me for a moment, The Bookseller said in a printed article (not available online) that it was "one of the most moving and extraordinary books I've read in a long time. At times dark, raw and tragic and others funny, it is outstanding."

Which is really, really nice!  I blush terribly to put these up here, but since it's not online, I can't just put a link and spare my modesty.  Plus, it kind of gives you an idea of what the book's about.

There's also, just yesterday, this really, really lovely blog by the writer Phil Earle, who knew Siobhan Dowd.  Just lovely stuff.  And again, will tell you a little more about what the book is like.

A Monster Calls is out on 5 May (seven weeks to go) in the UK and September in the US.  Greetings to the new commenters, and remember I'm now on Twitter (and tweeting away) under @Patrick_Ness

Works in progress


Hey, all, I do keep promising more news about things surrounding the upcoming release of A Monster Calls (only about 7 weeks to go!), and there really is a lot, just not much I can say quite yet.  Bear with me!

I can say, though, that a Top 10 List scored a narrow victory in that Guardian Children's Books website poll of what you all wanted me to do, so watch out for that soon!  In fact, the victory was so narrow, that maybe both choices will get a look in.  Stay tuned...

I can also say that it looks like I'll be heading to South Africa for a week in late September.  I'll let you know as soon as I have more details, but I can't wait!

More soon, I promise.  Meanwhile, welcome to the new commenters (including a couple South Africans, hello!).  Remember that I'm on Twitter now as @Patrick_Ness, so follow me there, if you like (over 500 of you so far), and in answer to a (South African!) query, if you're having trouble downloading the FREE ebook of the "New World" prequel short story, you can also download it (for free!) here as a pdf.

It feels funny to be writing a silly little diary entry with all the terrible pictures coming out of Japan (a country I love). So silly, in fact, I cancelled today's iPod list.  That can wait.  All best wishes sent across the ocean.

This is just to say that I'll be appearing at this year's Hay Festival with the brilliant David Almond on Saturday, 28 May at 5.30pm.  It's been great seeing so many of you there the past couple years, so hope that continues!  I've updated the Events page and hopefully will have a bit more up there very soon, too.

Great new comments lately, I love reading them (and I just like Irish names, Finbar, having had one myself!).  And remember I'm now on Twitter as @Patrick_Ness

Make me do stuff! and other things


In celebration of Monsters of Men being shortlisted for the Arthur C Clarke Award (still very cool), the Guardian have started a poll to see what you'd like me to do for their site.  Now, I personally lean for a podcast (more fun for me!), but you're welcome to pick what you like.

I'm also running the London Marathon to raise money for Breast Cancer Campaign, and now there's even a press release about it!  Please donate if you can, it's a great cause.

Thanks to Ben' for pointing out that Monsters of Men comes out in France on 2 April.  It's called La Guerre du Bruit and has a cool cover.  Let me know what you think!

Remember I'm now on Twitter @Patrick_Ness.  300+ followers so far, which is amazing!  Thank you all very much.

Greetings to the new commenters from all over the world.  Sorry I can't answer all questions (but two quick ones: I see Manchee as a scruffy mutt, but I could be wrong, and I pronounce it VI-o-la, long I, accent on the first syllable). More soon!

Arthur C Clarke Award shortlisting!


Well, here's some very cool news indeed.  Monsters of Men has just been shortlisted for the extremely prestigious Arthur C Clarke AwardUnbelievably cool.  AND it seems I'm only the 2nd YA novel ever to be shortlisted.  Even better!  Great stuff, I can't tell you how pleased I am.

In other news, there's an interview with me in today's Bookseller about A Monster Calls.  Printed edition of the magazine only, I think, haven't seen it, hope it's good!

And remember I'm now on Twitter as @Patrick_Ness and still rather getting to grips with it.  But 224 followers in a day and a half is amazing.  Thanks!

Greetings finally to all the new commenters.  Some fantastic stuff in there recently: cool book club stuff, thoughtful analysis, great websites, and even my parents' mailman!  Seriously!

Patrick Ness is on Twitter!


Yes, I am now on Twitter!  Indeed.  As of the writing of this sentence, I have a grand total of one follower already.  (The fine YA writer Mary Hoffman, God bless her).  My address is @Patrick_Ness (the underscore is key).  Follow me if you like, or if you even know what that means.  Pithy comments on the way!

I had a great visit to Northwood College yesterday; a really fun group (and hi to Dora, who left a comment).  Also hi to all the new commenters (so many, so quickly!).  Love hearing the music recs, and my marathon donation page is only in Pounds, yes, so you'll have to guess what it amounts to in your own currency.  But all currencies welcome!

Big news again, though, is that I have entered the Twitterverse, like a new-born fawn:  shaky, innocent, covered in goo...