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Yes, the teasing's finally over, the new Chaos Walking short story, "The New World", is available now on the Booktrust website.  You can either read it online or download it for later.  And it might, just might have hints of things to come in book three, but I couldn't possibly comment...

Hope you like it.  Let me know!

A story of Chaos Walking


Yes, there's a sneak preview.  Yes, it's about Viola.  Yes, it does have stuff you might want to know for Book 3.  Yes, the full, exclusive, and brand new short story will be available free on Monday...

And if you live in Scotland, I'm in this week's Scottish Big Issue (with the best photo of me in ages, bean bag chairs and all).  There's a million good reasons to buy the Big Issue, so here's another.

So I didn't win the Carnegie Medal, but really, Bog Child is a really good book by a really, really wonderful writer who died way too soon.  No complaints from me.

Especially as it seems I've been voted favourite book by the groups on the Shadowing Scheme (this is 3800 different young reading groups in schools and libraries, so way cool to be picked by them).

And finally, you might want to have a look at the Guardian book site starting Friday for what should be some exciting news for Chaos Walking fans...



Well, the big award announcement is tomorrow, but even better is that I've been spending my days at Carnegie shadowing groups

I went to a big one on Monday in Barnet, with about 150 young readers from 12 schools.  I gave a little speech, then they gave presentations on each of the shortlisted books, and they had a big vote for their personal choice for the winner.  I won.  It was cool.

Then today, I was in Reading for a couple of appearances with a few hundred more readers from about 20 different schools this time.  A great day, and the two volunteers (Marcus and Hannah, you know who you are) were cream of the crop.

So that's all good, and I'll be able to announce very interesting short story news on Friday.  Stay tuned (for an actual date this time...)


Keep staying tuned...............


I'm hard at work.  I know none of you believe that, but I'm writing a couple different things, as well as doing events (including a great one for several schools in Coventry on Thursday).  Keep staying tuned, more news anon.

In the meantime, this week is the announcement of the Carnegie Medal.  I've got a couple more shadowing events in the lead-up, and then the big day, hosted by Kirsty Wark at Bafta, of all places, so it'll feel like a real ceremony.  Except that it's at noon, so kids can come.  They shoud probably do that for the Oscars...

Stay tuned


No news to report today except there's news to come!

First, I keep getting asked what the title of Book Three will be.  I do, in fact, know it, but it's a secret for now.  Not for long, though!  Keep watching this website, as I'll announce the title here soon, I promise.

Second, my work as the Writer In Residence at Booktrust includes an exclusive short story.  Well, just to say for now that it's going to be an exclusive that some of you might like quite a lot.  But again, more details soon.

Watch this space.

First Carnegie event.............


I had my first Carnegie Shadowing event yesterday at Avon Valley School in Rugby, with several other shadowing groups coming in from nearby schools, too.  About 250 students and teachers all told, and what a great group!  A real pleasure.  Good questions, a very brave volunteer called Luke, and lots of enthusiastic readers (some of whom have already commented here).  The Carnegie Shadowing scheme is a moral good in the universe.

I did have to drive because of the stupid Tube strike, and on the way back, the M1 heading north was completely shut down for more than an hour because of an accident.  I've never seen a traffic jam like it.  It was backed up all the way down to the M25, where'd they shut off the entry to it because no one was moving.  I've never seen so many people standing on a freeway.

Luckily, I was going the other way.

Good day yesterday.  First up, an interview on ABC Australian radio about the Booktrust Writer In Residency.  You can hear me waffling on here, if you want.  10 years of living in the UK and I now hit my Ts like a Canadian.

Then I went along to the announcement of the Children's Laureate.  An excellent event, mostly in that I got to meet Jacqueline Wilson.  First time I've shaken hands with a Dame.  She had no idea who I was, but was very gracious anyway, which is how the pros do it. 

And Anthony Browne as the new Laureate, which is good news.  I'm already starting my campaign for Malorie Blackman for 2011...


I've been away on a well-earned holiday, so if you've been commenting and there's been no response, wait no further!

A busy day/week/month aways.  Many Carnegie events, including one this week in Rugby, and an pre-recorded interview tomorrow for The Book Show on ABC (Australia) radio, so listen out for it if you're down under.

Also stay tuned for exciting short story news.  I've got something brewing, and if it works out, well, you might be interested.

More soon, but lots of work to catch up on.  And 9,002 emails.