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Welcome, finally, to my website. Visit, graze, leave a comment, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, then go out reading...

Writing MasterClass I did for TV

I'm still mostly on hiatus from this site until middle of next year (when I get a revamp!) but interrupting that rest to post the video of that Writing MasterClass I did for Sky Arts Television.  It's here.  I'm in purple!  And I look like I've got a giant head.  But if you can ignore all that, it's writing stuff that works for me.  Might work for you, might not, but have a look.

And again, in the meantime, I post far more frequently to my Twitter (@patrick_ness) and Tumblr.  See you there!

Comments trouble (and where to find me)


Right, so, I returned to the Comments pages this morning so that I could delete all the spam and put up the nice messages you people leave me.  Usually, there's one or two hundred spam comments, which I can only delete a certain number at a time.  It's tedious, but I do it, because it's great to find your comments hidden there.

This morning, there were 24,000 spam comments.  So 1) my spam filter is just shit and 2) I'm just never going to be able to delete that many to find your comments, I'm so sorry.

I've been talking with my publishers and there may be some very exciting things in the work for this page, but in the meantime, I'm going to be concentrating on Twitter (I'm @Patrick_Ness) and Tumblr, so please stop by there and say hi!  I've also got a publisher run Facebook page, too, so lots of places to find me out.

There are lots of exciting things to come in the next 12 months, so stay tuned! (and come find me on the interwebs)

Book Blogger UKYA Awards


I won a whole bunch of Book Blogger UKYA Awards today, which is so cool!  Book bloggers got together and set up categories and made nominees, then people voted on the winners.  I got Best First Line (though not for Knife, controversy), Best LGBT for More Than This and Best SciFi/Fantasy for Knife.  I also got Best Social Author Online, but wasn't even nominated for Best Social Author Offline.  Which is sadly probably accurate.

This past weekend, I was on set for the start of location filming for A Monster Calls.  I can't wait for you all to see it!

Greetings to the new commenters. More soon!

Hmm, what to do with this website, eh?


So I haven't updated here in a while - because not a lot's been going on that I can talk about (there's been LOTS that I can't, but...).  I've been wondering what the best use of this is.  It works great when I'm on tour and I can tell people where I am; it's also lovely to get comments.  I'll definitely keep it, but I'll be honest, I put most of my goofy, fun stuff on Twitter these days (so definitely follow me there @Patrick_Ness) and have a tumblr (that I haven't updated in a while either, but I WILL!).  So I'm all over the place, if not always here.

I do read all your comments.  Just a few things.  Best way to contact me for events is from the Contacts page of this site (I get quite a few; they need to go centrally or I'd go quite mad).  Also, I regret that I can't help you out on your school assignments.  I'm so sorry, but again, there's just too many.  I'd love to, but I barely have enough time to finish my own work. I'm sure you know the feeling!

Anyway, there's news coming (and some that could be ridiculously exciting, but never count your chickens...), I'll keep updating here, but do check me out on the other places, too!

Right, so I guess summer's over, but I'm happy anyway because the movie of A MONSTER CALLS started shooting today!  That's amazing.  I'm a very lucky boy.  It's got Liam Neeson as the Monster, Felicity Jones as Conor's mum, and the legend Sigourney Weaver as Grandma.  I'm so excited I can barely sit down.  It shoots for about five months, has a year and a bit of post-production for special effects (there are a lot) and is out in 2016.

In the meantime, I'm in Berlin all next week at the Berlin Literature Festival, should you want to pop by.  I'm doing several events, so come along!

A Monster Calls cast announcement!

I'm VERY pleased to be able to finally tell you that the amazing Sigourney Weaver is going to play Conor's Grandma in the film of A Monster Calls.  She joins Liam Neeson as the Monster and Felicity Jones as Conor's Mum.  It's EXCITING!  Also, I'm totally freaking out.  But exciting.  Very.

I had a GREAT time at the Edinburgh Book Festival over the weekend.  So glad to see so many of you!  One of my events was the inaugural Siobhan Dowd Memorial Lecture.  I got asked quite a lot if people could read it, so I've put the whole thing (it's longish) up on my Tumblr.  It's a personal sort of journey, asking myself why I write for young people.  Hope you like it (read from the bottom up)!

Greetings to the new commenters...



Want to know the title of my next book?  Do ya?  No?  Yeah?  Well, okay, then, it's called...

The Rest Of Us Just Live Here

It's not out until next year (I know), but you can read a bit more about it here on my new TUMBLR!  Look at all the new stuff today.


The Edinburgh Festival started today, and I've got two events on 16 August!  The first, a book event for More Than This (and all my other books, too) is SOLD OUT but people do drop out on the day, so check into standby tickets!  You stand a very good chance.

The second is in the evening, I'm giving the first ever Siobhan Dowd Memorial Lecture.  It looks, surprisingly, like I might end up talking about love. Hm.  Anyway, Iongest speech I've ever given, so I'm nervy and freaked.  Come along!

And as I said before, if you are a Deutsche Leser, then I'm at the Berlin Literature Festival in September for a WHOLE BUNCH of things, including the Children's Program Keynote Address.  Come along if you're in my favourite world city!

Greetings to the new commenters (including Rika, who left early).  Hope to see you all soon.

Giveaways of the new US paperbacks!


Hey, have you seen the BRAND NEW paperbacks of the Chaos Walking Series in America?  They just came out, along with the More Than This paperback, and include all the bonus short stories!

To celebrate, my publishers Candlewick are running #NoiseforNess giveaways on Twitter (so follow them! @Candlewick) starting on Monday, 4 August. 

RIGHT NOW THO, you can enter to win a set of all four new paperbacks on some REALLY awesome blogs.  So go check out Booksmugglers, Insatiable Readers, Read Breathe Relax, Katie's Book Blog, Good Books and Good Wine, Anna Reads BooksThere's A Book and YA Bibliophile for your chance to win now (and also to read some very fine blogging on each).

Books galore!  Good luck.