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Free brand new Chaos Walking short stories!!


As promised, the brand new Chaos Walking short stories are now online for fans of the book.  Australia has its own site to get them here, and the rest of the world can get them here!

Hope you like them.  They're meant as companions to the book, so it's best to read each book first.  The New World is that one about Viola coming to New World and works best after reading Knife; The Wide, Wide Sea takes place just before the first Spackle War and stars Mistress Coyle, so best read after Ask and the Answer; and Snowscape stars Lee and Wilf and takes place after the end of Monsters of Men (so definitely read Monsters of Men first!).  Hope you like them, love to know what you think.

Greetings to the new commenters, now back to my lovely New Zealand/Australia tour...

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