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Requests (and other things)


I've started to get quite a few requests through the comments pages (which I don't put up on the site) for events and appearances and contacts and all manner of really, really wonderful things, that I'm so grateful for that you're even interested!  But could I just gently direct you, if you have a request, to the Contact page?  Those nice folks are the best place to start.  Otherwise, I wouldn't have time to write!

It's a tough balancing act, and I try really hard - I try to answer every single fan letter I receive, for example, and put in school events in every trip I make.  Please forgive me if I don't always get it right!  I really am touched and amazed by all the interest, and I'll do my best, I promise.  It's particularly strange for writers, who are hermits, basically.

On the same note, I'm planning a whole bunch of stuff for The Crane Wife in April and May and a bunch more stuff for the new teen book in September.  So stay tuned!

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