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January 2011 Archives

German interview and mistaken identity


Just a quick note today to say first for all the German readers of Chaos Walking (called "New World" in Germany), that there's a brand new interview with me (in German!) on  Check it out. 

Second, I really did want to emphasise that this book is not by me.  It's interesting, this, I'm not - by some measure - the only Patrick Ness who's ever written books.  There was actually a female travel writer who wrote in the thirties who wrote under the name Mrs Patrick Ness, who was no relation to me at all.  There's also this book, which GoodReads (a really good site otherwise) has had on my page for ages, even though it was written many decades before I was born.  So, you can buy the ebay book if you like, of course, but it really was written by some other Patrick Ness.  Why not?  The more the merrier.

Greetings to the two new commenters (excellent French ones who of course I remember).  More soon.



It's been a slow news week for me, mainly just resting my leg (I'm walking again fine, fingers crossed for a very quick return to running).  Otherwise, I've been writing and doing lots of planning for the release of A Monster Calls in May.  In the meantime, I thought, why not another EP from my own iPod.  So few songs begin with Q, let's do that, shall we?  I present to you the IPod of Q:

The Queen's Rebuke, The Decemberists - Off the staggeringly brilliant "Hazards of Love" album.  Basically, if you don't love this album, you can't be my friend.

Quand Vous Mourez de Nos Amours, Rufus Wainwright - Gorgeous. And in French.

A Question Mark, Elliott Smith - The chorus is only two notes repeated, but as in all the most superb pop music, they're the right two.

Queer, Garbage - "Hey, boy, take a look at me/Let me dirty up your mind."  Okeydokey.

Queen of the Savages, Magnetic Fields - A chirpy song on a ukelele about being in a love with a cannibal.

Bonus track:  A Question of Lust, Depeche Mode, this EP's had a pretty pervy vibe anyway, might as well close it out.

Enjoy!  Greetings to the new commenters.  More (proper) news soon.

A long week


It's been nearly a week since my last post, but what a very long week it's been.  Why?  Well, that's really none of your business, suffice to say the crutches (yes, the crutches) are temporary and - all things being well - my poor shin should heal up just fine.  Fingers crossed.

On the bright side, Japanese class was great!  Hajime mashte?  Patrick-dess.  Dozo Yoroshiku!  I'd write them in Japanese characters except 1) I haven't learned them yet (even in hiragana there are more than 70) and 2) my wee little web programme can't handle them.  Fun stuff, though.

I reviewed Kenneth Oppel's Half Brother in the Guardian today, along with Jason Wallace's Out of Shadows last week.  Two books you should definitely check out.  I've also just read an early copy of Mal Peet's Life: An Exploded Diagram, which is out in June and bloody brilliant.

In closing, welcome to all the new commenters, and for your kind attentions, I can only say, Arigato gozaimas.  Sayanora (which isn't quite pronounced the way we've all been taught...)

iPod of One


Hey, all, a few things to note today, including a review I wrote of the very fine new Children's Costa Winner and a terrific shout out on NPR last week.

But mainly, I'm moaning because a terrifically sore shin (of all things) made me pull up at the 10-mile mark of a 16-mile run today.  It'll heal, but it's annoying because I was feeling great otherwise.  Still, 13 weeks until the marathon (for which I'm raising money, feel free to donate!), so I thought I'd do another iPod EP from my own selection (which I listen to constantly while running).  In honour of still being in January, let's call this the iPod of One:

One, Metallica - Not U2's "One" (I never did like that song), but Metallica's grim, heart-murmur-inducing nightmare. 

One of Us, Joan Osborne - I still think "If God had a face/What would it look like/And would you want to see/If seeing meant that you would have to believe?" is actually a profound question.

The One You Love, Rufus Wainwright - If I could sing (which I can't) I'd never stop singing the twisting melody of verse two.

The Only One (I Could Stand), Waterlilies - If you're not paying attention, you think it's a love song.  It's really not.

One Life Stand, Hot Chip - Because you never get enough Hot Chip.

Greetings to the new commenters (especially my first native Hungarian reader!). Off to Newcastle this week to visit some schools.  More soon.

Odyssey and La Guerre du Bruit


A bit book news-heavy, this one, I'm afraid, but good stuff.  The big news is that the US Knife of Never Letting Go audio book was made an Honor Book in the very prestigious Odyssey Awards announced yesterday.  Congrats to Nick Podehl, who did the reading, and Brilliance Audio who made it.  Good stuff!

Also, my number one French Fan Ben' (who you may have seen on the comment pages) is exactly right in saying that the French version of Monsters of Men is called La Guerre du Bruit ("The War of the Noise") and looks to be out next month.  It's got a cool cover, too.  Check it out, if you're a French speaker.

Welcome to all the new commenters (especially all the Japanese speakers; my class starts a week from today).  Nice to see a very early comment on A Monster Calls, about which there'll be plenty more soon...

Minna no Nihongo!


I don't know what that means yet, but I will soon, as I've just purchased my first set of school textbooks in, well, a very, very long time.  In two weeks, I'll be starting a Japanese language course. 

Why?  No other reason than that I want to.  I've been to Japan and loved it, Japanese is my favourite kind of food, Haruki Murakami is one of my favourite writers, I could go on, but really, I'm doing it just because I feel like it.  I'm pretty much a complete novice.  I can count to three and say "Excuse me", which is "Sumimasen", by the way, and which I actually used once at DisneyWorld to catch the attention of a Japanese woman who'd dropped her guest badge.  See?  Useful already and eager to learn more.  I wonder if Japanese will start popping up in my books...?

Greetings to the new commenters.  I'm thinking of adding an FAQ to my website, one of which will certainly be a very common question indeed:  Is 1017 a boy or a girl?  I know why you might ask, and the answer is he's a boy.  It's a big world with all kinds of people in it, thank goodness.

16 Miles


As I've mentioned, I'm running the London Marathon in April (15 weeks from yesterday, to be exact).  I'm raising money for Breast Cancer Campaign, if you'd like to donate, but mainly I just wanted to tell someone, anyone, that I ran 16 miles yesterday in my best time ever.  Runners will know how good that feels.

Now, that's not a marathon, of course, but it's the longest I've run in two years.  I had my water and my energy gels (which, frankly, "Strawberry Banana flavour" my ass), and off I went.  Got through some great tracks on my iPod (everyone from Green Day to Shakira to Bow Wow Wow (important not to be a snob about music)), much of which I shouted discordantly as I ran.  You haven't lived until you've heard my tone deaf rendition of "She-Wolf".

What's amazing about this is that I was no kind of athlete when I was a teenager.  I was one of those kids who sat at the back, quietly making the kid in front of me laugh his head off (so they got in trouble, not me).  I took up running as an adult, and now I'm about four marathons in and love it.  Wish I'd started sooner, but it's never too late (never too early, either).  Now if I could just do something about the chafing...

Book news today is that Monsters of Men has been shortlisted for the really cool Indie Lit Awards.  These are awards picked by non-publishing-affiliated bloggers (i.e. completely independent), so if they pick your book, you know it's because they like it and no other reason.  A real honour, I must say.  Check 'em out, the shortlists have got to be the most interesting I've seen.

Welcome to the new commenters.  I've had a well-earned day off running today, but six miles tomorrow, ten the next day and the road goes ever on.  14 weeks, six days to go.

Happy New Year


Happy 2011 everyone!  My year's begun with a broken Sky box and a broken car.  Looking on the bright side, lots of time for reading, eh?  This year will bring a new book by me and Siobhan Dowd, but this really is just to say Happy New Year to you all (and especially the new commenters).  In honour of the date, an EP of "New" songs from my very own iPod:

1. New Born, Muse - Muse is basically the best soundtrack to my books, you know.

2. New Dress, Depeche Mode - Sleazy electrobeat, years ahead of its time.

3. New Moon on Monday, Duran Duran - Because what's New Year's without at least one enjoyably naff embarrassment?

4. Down Is The New Up, Radiohead - Nope, I don't know what it's about either.  V dramatic, though.

5. New Year's Day, U2 - Of course, but it's from before they got all speechy.

Happy New Year, more to come...