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December 2010 Archives

Knife for a pound!


Hope everyone had a great Christmas!  I did, really nice.  We had a good friend over for dinner, and then we watched DVDs and played on the new Wii.  I now have a sore arm from getting over-enthusiastic at Wii tennis.

Any of you in the UK get a new Kindle for Christmas?  Well (and sorry for the advertising plug here) are doing a Twelve Days of Kindle promotion from now until 6 January where you can test out your new Kindle with 40 different books each costing just a Pound.  And The Knife of Never Letting Go is one of the 40, so for the next ten days or so, you can Kindle it in the UK for a single, bitty pound.  Not bad, eh?  UK-only, I'm afraid, though.

Off out to do some more marathon training, but first, I do get asked a lot where people can write to me (physically, not email, which is better, don't you think?).  It's super-easy; just open up your copy of the books to the page at the front with all the tiny writing and write to me care of my publisher's address in whatever country.  Every one of them forwards your post along to me, so easy as that. 

Happy New Year if I don't get back here before then!



Yep, as you may have noticed, the diary's been slowing down in recent days, but hey, it's Christmas!  And I'm snowed in.  Again.  Which doesn't happen often in southern England, so twice in a month is really something.

I've also noticed this year that the diary has really turned into an "I'm doing this, here's a review of that" type thing, where all I ever talk about is work work work and self-promotion, etc, etc.  Which isn't how I started this diary, so I think that's going to change.

Not that I won't keep telling you important things like where to come see me if you want or when a new book comes out, but all work and no play makes a diary a dull, dull place.  So as we head into Christmas (Merry Christmas and all other December holidays to everyone) and greet the New Year, a pledge for a less promo-centric website.  Maybe I'll even do a redesign in the new year, who knows?

In the meantime, happy holidays, welcome to all the new commenters (a ton of you), and I leave you with this: Have you ever noticed that Chewbacca is basically just Bigfoot?

Monsters of Men has made it onto a couple of Best Books of 2010 in the US and in Ireland.  First up, the Washington Post's Express newspaper made it the only children's book on a list that included David Mitchell, Nick Hornby and The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks, which is brilliant.  They also called it "2010's most insane young adult/sci-fi novel."  I'm happy with that.

And in the Irish Times, the estimable Robert Dunbar put it on his list of favouries of the year.  A real honour.

Finally, the librarian at Clydebank High School in Glasgow wrote up a really nice review of my visit there a few weeks back on the Scottish Book Trust website.  I can very easily say right back how great the audience was there:  attentive and funny and asking great questions.  Good stuff all around, and I must say, a rather nicer feeling than even end of year Best Of lists, eh?

King Lear and then the government...


Saw King Lear at the Donmar this week with Derek Jacobi, the hot ticket of the winter season.  He's just staggeringly good in it; the first time I've ever been moved to tears by Shakespeare.  Didn't really dig the fellow playing Edmund, but Jacobi's amazing.  The run is sold out, but you can get standing tickets on the day.  Check it out.

The next night, I went to a drinks reception at no less than the Houses of Parliament.  It was for the All Party Writer's Group, particularly talking about the PLR.  But also a chance to meet MPs, Lords and Ladies.  A nice party, after which I went out to dinner with friends Meg Rosoff, Mal Peet, and Anthony MacGowan.  Extremely good fun, with conversation that would been quickly disqualified from the Blue Peter Awards.