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May 2010 Archives

Back from holiday (busy as ever)


I'm back from my holiday (yes, even writers need rest) and have loads of things happening, so this could be a long one!

First up, there was a great review of Monsters of Men in the Times last week, and another in the Mail.  There was also a great preview of the US release in the Wall Street Journal.

I can also announce that, starting next week, a free mini-book of the opening pages of Monsters will be available to Starbucks card holders at UK Starbucks in support of the National Literacy Trust.  You might remember that they did the same for Knife and it was brilliant!

And in the US again, Knife was announced as this year's Red Hot Rebel Read, a brilliant programme out of Champlin Park High School in Minnesota.  I'll be travelling there in Sept/Oct for a whole bunch of events, can't wait!

There's loads more that'll just have to wait, though a quick reminder that I'm at the Hay Festival this Friday and Saturday, that I've got a brand new short story in the Keith Gray-edited Losing It out in July (more on that soon), and other goodies to come.

Finally, a HUGE thanks and welcome to the nearly 50 new commenters while I was away, including some old friends (like Tom, who of course I remember) and some very welcome students who are reading my books for class or for Carnegie Shadowing.  I'm overwhelmed by your responses to Monsters of Men.  Thank you all very, very much.  More soon!

Hay and away


Schedules (and erupting volcanos) mean that I won't be updating here for a little bit, so while I'm busy, remember that I'll be re-emerging to appear at the Hay Festival.  I have a solo Monsters of Men event at 5.30 pm on Friday, 4 June, and a fun panel of Author's Question Time with Julia Eccleshare and Morris Gleitzman at 10.00am on Saturday, 5 June.  I did the Question Time last year, too.  Great fun.

And before I head off, a warm welcome to all the new commenters.  I'm sorry I can't answer every question, but I do read them all.  Also, just know that I'll edit out any spoilers; sometimes I can't even put the comment up!  But I do really appreciate them, it's great to hear from readers.  And maybe I'll meet some of you at Hay!



My trip to Ireland was great!  Terrific crowds at Easons on Thursday night at my event with Sarah Rees Brennan.  The very lovely David Maybury (who I finally met in person) even did a short video interview with me and Sarah after.  You can also see the cake that someone brought us!  I seriously love Ireland.

I also did an event for a school at the brand new Gutter Bookshop (run by the also lovely and in no way crazy Bob Johnston), who put up some photos of it on Facebook.

Also while I was there I had the very strange experience of turning on RTE1 and seeing them talk about Monsters of Men seconds later.  True, and very disconcerting.  Luckily, they said very nice things.  Again, love Ireland.

Greetings to the new commenters (so many!).  Volcanic ash permitting (and it's not looking good) I'm on holiday very soon, but more later!

Best Children's Books Ever


The Guardian today has a list they're calling The Best Children's Books Ever, and they've included the Chaos Walking books in the 12 & Over category, calling it "profoundly humane and utterly magnificent".  Gosh.  What do you say to that?  I feel like an egomaniac even reporting it here, but wow, golly.  Great books on the rest of the list, too, including Celia Rees, who I'll be teaching with on an Arvon Course in June. 

Also, good news in that Monsters of Men is out today in New Zealand!  Brilliant news.  Hope to hear from some kiwi readers soon...

Hello to the new commenters, scroll down for more news, and I'm off to Ireland tomorrow!

New review


Just a quick hit today to say there's a really great review of Monsters of Men on the excellent Bookbag site, who were great supporters of Knife and Ask as well.

Also a reminder that, Icelandic ash-clouds permitting, I'll be in Dublin at Easons bookstore on O'Connell Street from 6-9pm.  I think you can get a ticket on the night, but call the bookstore on 01 858 3800 to be sure.

And hello to the new commenters!  Now, back to writing...

Ireland and Monsters review


The first press review of Monsters of Men is out, and it's a good one!  Sally Morris in the Daily Mail called it a "dramatic and powerful finale", which is cool.  You can read the whole review here.

And don't forget I'll be in Dublin this week at Easons on O'Connell Street.  Details here and you can probably also call the store for info on 01 858 3800.

I've got a few notes recently that think I won't be at the Carnegie Medal ceremony in June.  News to me!  I definitely plan on being there, so if your school has been lucky enough to win tickets, come over and say hi.

And so many new comments, I can't keep up with them!  Note that I do edit out any hint of spoilers (remember, big parts of the world haven't got Monsters yet), but you're all very welcome here.  I'm sorry I can't answer them all personally like I used to.  My excuse is that I need the time to write books...

Please scroll down for a whole lot more info on what I've been up to (including the trailer).

Clips o' me


As I mentioned last week, The Ask and the Answer was shortlisted for the very prestigious Carnegie Medal, which also means that it participates in their brilliant Shadowing Scheme, where school groups read all 8 books and debate them.  The Shadowing website has a lot of cool features where reading groups can chat with one another or write reviews of the books, lots of cool stuff.

They've also uploaded video interviews with a number of shortlisted authors, including myself!  So you can see me waxing lyrical about The Ask and the Answer while marvelling at my very short hair.  Check out the others, too, though I'm not sure why they stuck Marcus out in a field.

And of course Monsters of Men is out, isn't it?  I was in central London yesterday signing copies at key bookstores, so look out for a sign copy if you want.  My excellent publishers Walker Books have been featuring it on their website and twittering about it, too, with competitions.  It's also Book of the Month on LoveReading, so lots of stuff going on!

Big hello to all the new commenters and Monsters readers (Mireia, "Cuchillo" is the first book, the second should be out soon).  And be sure to scroll down through the past diary few entries for even more news.  Phew, it's been busy!  And of course I've been working on a new book, too...

Gah!  So many things all at once!  First thing is there's a very nice feature on me today in the Independent on Sunday, complete with photo (I swear I'm the only one who likes the beard).

And definitely don't forget to check out the awesome video trailer for Monsters of Men, which is now pretty much onsale everywhere (and going really well, thank you very much!).  The first (really nice) reviews of it are here and here.

Also, be sure to check out the details of my trips to Ireland, the Hay Festival, and the Edinburgh Festival.

A blizzard of new commenters, thank you all, and don't forget that there are resources if your school is taking part in the brilliant Carnegie Shadowing Scheme (for which The Ask and the Answer has very excitingly been shortlisted).