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April 2010 Archives

Just real quick to say that my publishers have just released the most awesome video trailer for Monsters of Men.  Wait'll you see!  It's on YouTube here and here.  Feel free to pass it along freely.  (I picked out the music; turn it up loud!).

Greetings to the new commentators (including a welcome helping of teachers, librarians and Monsters readers).  More soon.

Monsters of Men is (mostly) here!


Yes, I know, official release date is on Monday, but Monsters of Men is pretty much on sale now, isn't it?  All the UK online sites are selling it now, and I was in Waterstones, Blackwells and Foyles in London yesterday and they all had lots of copies of it.  Foyles actually had a whole wall dedicated to the trilogy!  Nifty!

So if it's not already in your local bookstore, it will be very, very soon.  Which is great, I've been very excited to have people read it, so let me know what you think! (and thanks to new commenters Elena, Megan, Phoebe, Saphia and Suzy, who are pretty much doing just that)

There have already a couple of terrific reviews on the web, which I'm very grateful for, one on 3AM Eternal and another on Vulpis Libris, (and in a reallly cool thing, Knife has been picked as one of the 20 Great "All Seems Lost" Moments.  Fantastic!).

Be sure to scroll down for recent news on Festivals and Ask being shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.  But for now, Monsters of Men is finally, finally here.

More Festival news!  I'll be appearing at the Edinburgh International Book Festival on Sunday and Monday, 22-23 August.  One will be a public event about Monsters of Men, and the other will be a Schools Programme event (in the big hall!) with the very excellent Keith Gray, talking about Losing It, a new anthology we've both written new stories for (not out 'til July, but I'll definitely be talking about it in the weeks to come). 

Booking for the public programme isn't until the end of June, but the schools programme started book last Friday.  If you're a school, check us out!

And a reminder, too, that I'm also appearing at the Hay Festival on 4-5 June (booking now) and at Easons Bookshop on O'Connell Street in Dublin on May 13 with Sarah Rees Brennan.

WAY too many new commenters to mention here, mostly people lucky enough to have already gotten their hands on Monsters of Men a bit before the official publication (which is Monday).  Excellent to hear from you all!  I can't wait to hear more.

In excellent news, The Ask and the Answer has been shortlisted for the extremely prestigious Carnegie Medal.  It's a hell of a shortlist, too, with books like Marcus Sedgwick's Revolver and Terry Pratchett's Nation on it.  Brilliant company.

Quick hello to the new commenters: Raquel, Judith, Megan (stay tuned), and Louis (and Cora).

But also just to say that the very best thing about the Carnegie Medal is its brilliant Shadowing Scheme, where schools around the country read the entire shortlist and vote on their favourite (The Knife of Never Letting Go won this last year).  Soon, there'll be video of me talking about Ask on the website, as well as you all getting to have your say. 

It's a brilliant thing; if your school doesn't participate, why not take a look?  Last year I was in a room with 400 teenagers, all arguing about books.  Stupendous.

I'm coming to Dublin!


Yes, I am, one of my very favourite cities.  Only a flying tour this time, I'm afraid, but I'm going to be appearing at Eason Bookshop on O'Connell Street on Thursday, 13 May from 6-9pm.  I'll be appearing with Sarah Rees Brennan, so a two-for-one.

It's ticketed, and the way Eason's seems to do it is by entering into a draw here.  Or you probably also give the store a call for more details (01 858 3800).  It'd be great to see you there!  I'm sorry it's not the rest of Ireland just yet, but here's hoping.

Tickets are also finally for sale for the Hay Festival.  I'm doing two events, one each on Friday, 5 June and Saturday, 5 June.  It's a great Festival to go to.

Greetings to all the new commenters (too many to name, gosh!), but I do read them all.  Maybe see some of you in Dublin or Hay.

Two weeks to go


So the activity continues in the build-up for the launch of Monsters of Men (3 May in the UK, Ireland and Australia, 12 May in New Zealand, 28 Sept in the US).  I went to a secret warehouse location today to sign an enormous pile of Monsters hardcovers, so keep an eye out for those.  They look awesome, by the way.

I've also got editions of The Knife of Never Letting Go coming out very soon in Swedish and Korean, with Hebrew soon to follow, to join the Turkish version I mentioned earlier in the week.  As soon as I have covers, I'll show them to you.

Greetings to the new commenters: Matthew (excellent to hear "Crash" mentioned! Try Nicola Barker, if you haven't already), Molly, MH (good to hear from another writer), Claire, Megan, Hazel, and Anna.

Just over two weeks to go...

Knife Turkish cover.jpg
Just a quick note to say that The Knife of Never Letting Go has now been published in Turkey (and in Turkish, obviously).  They're calling it Umut Bicagi, which means "Knife of Hope", I believe.  If you're Turkish, very happy to be corrected on that.  And if you're in Istanbul or Ankara, keep an eye out!

And greetings to all the new commenters:  LaylaViolet (yes, I'm writing, writing, writing), Maddy, Veronica (it is indeed the same robot), Nathan, Nick, Madison, and Eli (your English is just fine and great to hear from Japan).

I mentioned yesterday that Waterstones Books Quarterly magazine had the first review of Monsters of Men

Well!  Now thewhole magazine itself is out in Waterstone's stores, and there's a big ol' feature article on me in it and a pretty cool photo stretched across a couple pages.  It's the issue with the brilliant David Mitchell on the cover, and I'm on page 88 (with the review of Monsters on page 65).  Check it out if you're Waterstone's bound.

And a quick hello to the only new commenter since yesterday, Ririn, all the way from Indonesia, which is extremely cool.

Events for May/June


I'd been holding off on a new entry to announce a couple of events in May and June, but it looks like most of those are still being finalised.  So stay tuned.

I can say, in a general way, that I look to be doing a couple of events at the Hay Festival on the 4th and 5th of June.  And the rest...  Well, again, stay tuned.  In the meantime, I'm busy writing a new book and finalising things for the big of launch of Monsters of Men, which as I said is also on special offer on as well as the very first review of Monsters in their Quarterly Magazine (though strangely, they do seem to think my name is Adam Blade; odd, and soon fixed, I imagine).

In the meantime, listen to the new Jonsi album (it's beautiful) and greetings to the new commenters:  Ciara, Philippa (who might want to check out where I live), Ben, Liam (I'm hoping soon, Liam), Micky-A, MacKenzie, Ceit, Joe, Cristin, and Steph.