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April 2009 Archives

Brighton Festival


Just a reminder that I'll be appearing at the Brighton Festival on Sunday, 10 May.  Tickets still available, so book now!  Book now, I say!

I'll also be Hay Festival on 27 May for two events, one of me chatting about The Ask and the Answer, and the other an "Author's Question Time" event, with Jasper Fforde and Jenny Valentine.  Should be good fun.  And you can book now for those, too.

Marathon of carnage.................


So MUCH to write about in one day!  Like the fact that The Knife of Never Letting Go - in addition to being on the Carnegie Medal shortlist - has just won the James Tiptree Prize, an American award for books dealing with gender.  Which is a fantastic and lovely surprise.

Patrick's knee.jpgAnd in other big news, I finished the London Marathon yesterday covered in blood, and still somehow managed a personal best.  I took a very bad tumble over an in-the-way traffic cone at 16.7 miles and had to run last ten miles with bloody knee (pictured!) and an increasingly swollen ankle.

I'm a little cross as, if I hadn't fallen, I was on pace for really great time, but despite being slowed (and having to walk for a while when things got too bad), I still finished in 4 hours, 26 minutes.  Not bad at all.  AND I can still walk today.  In fact, it's the sunburn that's the bigger problem...

Carnegie Medal Shortlist..........


Announced today is the very pleasing news that The Knife of Never Letting Go has been shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal.  It's an extremely prestigious prize, and I'm very honoured to be on the list.

And it's not just that, Carnegie administer the most fantastic shadowing scheme where schools read the books and discuss them in book groups (and with other schools), often even deciding on their own winner.  It's a brilliant thing all around, getting thousands of kids to read.  Really great stuff and an honour to be a part of.

The day approacheth............


Busy week.  The event at the London Book Fair went really well, lots of people, lots of good questions. 

I followed that up with a visit yesterday to a gathering of school bookgroups at Lister Community School.  Four schools, about 30 students in total, and a very good group they were, too.  Good questions (particularly from one from St Angela's and one from Stratford, you know who you are!) and smart comments.  A real pleasure for me all around.

And before that, I stopped by the London Marathon Expo to pick up my race number and drink in the atmosphere before race day.  Not long now...

Further updates!  I've uploaded a new set of writer's tips for my Booktrust Writer In Residency.

And I'm also appearing tomorrow morning (20 April) at a seminar at the London Book Fair with my editor.  Should be fun.

Much more to come, but I'm run ragged at the minute with things to do.  Not least of which it's only seven days to the marathon...

Site updates - yes, more than one!


I've been having some work done behind the scenes on the site (by the most excellent web designer Suna Cristall, who I plan on working with soon on some design updates, too), so at last, The Ask and the Answer is up on the books page, there's actual new journalism on the Journo page, and I've even updated the biography.

More to come soon.

The good folks at the excellent book site have published the very first review of The Ask and The Answer, and it's very nice indeed, really pleasing.  Not that authors concern themselves with this sort of thing, heavens, no...

By the way, have you heard the new Doves album?  Bloody brilliant.

La voix du couteau................


Sorry, been a bit busy updating the Booktrust site and reclaiming my identity on a particular networking site (to remain nameless) to update here.

Knife French cover jpeg.jpgBut now I can, with the lovely news that the French version of The Knife of Never Letting Go is out.  It's called La Voix du Couteau and has a beautiful and completely different cover.  In fact, let me paste it in. 

Now, of course, The Ask and the Answer is just days away from release, but if you prefer French and would like to read the original, here's your chance, translated by Bruno Krebs and published by Gallimard Jeunesse (who are really nice people, every time I meet them)

Vive la France!

New tips & events..................


Just a quick note to say I've uploaded another set of writing tips, for what they're worth, on the Writer In Residence site at Booktrust.

Also, I've updated the Events page to include a bunch of things I'll be doing in the very busy months to come.